Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two weeks in Mental & Psychiatric Department

Alhamdulillah done my two weeks of clinical posting in Psychiatric ward and Rehabilitation unit of Mental & Psychiatric Department of HTAA.

Few things i noted while being posted here.

1. Maniac patients usually will make you happy even after return from ward
2. Most of the patients got mental illness because of few same reasons:
-Relationship problems
-Money problems
-Problems at workplace (being fired)
-Drug/Substance induce
3. Its very challenging to work in this area, that's why the each staff having 14 days of holiday in a year

Well, overally i enjoyed my two weeks of clinical posting here. Pray hard for my patients to get well soon, insyaAllah :)

Here some pictures of my activities there.

Keep remember: The patients picture and identity were forever private and confidential :) so never upload in social media.

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